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Kite Party 12 (info)

Posted on 2nd November, by Dave in Discussion. 1 Comment

REGISTRATION NOW FULL. E-mail to be put on waiting list.
March 8-9, 2014.

Look here for info and updates as they’re added, and please feel free to share your comments below!

Are you coming to Kite Party 12 on March 8-9, 2014?     Click here to register!


Our current RSVPs (as of 01-29-2014):

David Barnby – UK
Tracy Long – Long Beach, CA
Mark Zacharriah – Las Vegas, NV
Pat Lewis – Modesto, CA
Kurt Oberbeck – Hermosa Beach, CA
Tom Clark – Washington, IL
Walter Thompson – Poway, CA
Allen Carter – Half Moon Bay, CA
Mike MacDonald – Brookings, OR
Dan Jimenez – Sparks, NV
Donna Houchins – Washington, MO
Tony Jetland – Martizez, CA
Cass Pittman – San Diego, CA
Carol Pittman – San Diego, CA
Jim Foster – Walnut Grove, CA
Lynn Foster – Walnut Grove, CA
Rick Spurgeon – Santee, CA
George Halpin – Modesto, CA
Allen Carter – Sunnyvale, CA
Mark Reed – (Prism Designs) – Seattle, WA
Lolly Hadzicki – (Revolution Ent.) – San Diego, CA
Joe Hadzicki -(Revolution Ent) – San Diego, CA
David Hadzicki – (Revolution Ent) – San Diego, CA
Ron Despojado: La Jolla, CA
Robert Brasington – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA
Ron Gibian – Visalia, CA
Sandy Gibian – Visalia, CA
Mark Lummas (Team TOO MUCH FUN): Yorba Lina, CA
Jeanette Lummas ( TOO MUCH FUN): Yorba Linda, CA
Samantha Lummas: (Daughter and “Up and Comer” of Mark and Jeanette)
Ben Lummas: (Team Too Much Fun, 11 yr old PHENOM)
Jon Trennepohl ( SKYBURNER KITES): Plymouth, MI
Mareanne Trennepohl (SKYBURNER KITES): Plymouth, MI
John Chilese – Las Vegas, NV
Bambi Chilese – Las Vegas, NV
Andrew Kramer – Ahland, OR
John Mason – San Diego, CA
Margaret Murphy – Neenah, WIA
David Bradley – Portland, OR
Sean Gurganian – Long Beach, CA
Marcela Gurganian – Yorba Linda, CA
Steve Gurganian – Yorba Linda, CA
Mike Kory – (180G0!) – Charleston, IL
Charles Gillespie – Escondido, CA
Mary Donovan – Escondido, CA
Lee Stroup – Carpenteria, CA
Iris Corning – San Diego, CA
David Corning – San Diego, CA
Jerry Sammons – Buena Park, CA
Don Fox – Lakeside, CA
Gerry Ralls – Portland, OR
Bethanie Wilson – Salt Lake City, UT
Andy Wilson – Salt Lake City, UT
Katrina Bruland – Portland, OR
Kelly Bruland – Portland, OR
Terry Wiggill – Victoria, BC Canada
Dave Mitchell – Sussex, UK
Michael Howard – OWNER: KITEWORLD – UK
Pat Lewis – Modesto, CA
Theo Hoag Ellis – Detroit, MI
Ed Skow – Ventura, CA
Lyle Walter – Long Beach, CA
Mark Giadone – Spokane, WA
Rich Comras – Miami Beach, FL
Adrian Conn – Windsor, ?
David Cathey – Spring, TX
Diane Morris – Medford, OR
Bret Morris – AKA Regional Director – Medford, OR
David Alfano
Demietri Alfano
Marjorie Zimmerman – Menlo Park, CA
Glen Rothstein – AKA – San Pedro, CA
Jessica Lamarche – Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Dominic Guimond – Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Richard Masak – St Paul, MN
Mitch Kiel – Mahtomedi, MN
Roger Tompkins – Ypsilanti MI
Laura Berg – Freeport, NJ
Tod Copeland – threeyearplan, UT
Mary Murphy – Neenah
Scott Madsen – Salt Lake City, UT
Marshall Henderson – Moorseville, NC
David Costello, North Las Vegas, NV
Mitch Cordover – St. Louis, MO
Jeffery Burka – Washington, DC
Rob Cembalest – NEW TECH KITES – Austin, TX
Vernon White – Chula Vista, CA
Don Croom – Fremont, CA
Brett Howard – Eugene, OR
Brianne Howard – Eugene Oregon
Lester ”Ray” Miller – Murrieta, CA
Christoph Fokken – SPIDERKITES – Norden, Germany
Matt Cyphert – Everett, WA (media registrant)

REGISTRATION FULL. Email to be put on waiting list.

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  1. Dave says:

    ONE MONTH AWAY! Make sure you register if you have not already. I’m not going to say it’s shaping up to be the best ever. I’m just going to say it’s shaping up.

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